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'Curious Footsteps'

6 Dec 2018



In Istanbul the Su Gender Department of the University run "Curious Footsteps" walks around the city, telling the stories of those whom history disregards; the minorities, the LGTBQ, the undocumented. In telling the story of the first Muslim actress, Afife Jale, an unexpected result occurred. Afife was ostracised by her family and community for her career choice but went on to become very successful.  She acted in an Istanbul theatre which has latterly become the Rex Cinema. The walking group always stops at the cinema to tell her story. Imagine their surprise to find a bust of the actress installed there.

Curious footsteps group celebrate the installation of the bust

It seems that the repeated telling of her story inspired an architect to sculpt her bust and donate it to the cinema who agreed that it should be installed on the spot where the Curious Footsteps groups come to hear the tale of the brave and famous Afife Jale.

This is one way for us to ensure that women are not airbrushed out of history.