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Ongoing Campaigns

A Is for Aphra

Aphra Behn - 1640-1689 - The first professional woman writer in English, a playwright, poet and a spy for Charles II

Statue Site: Canterbury, Kent

Contact: Charlotte Cornell,

Mary on the Toon

Mary Astell - 1666 to 1731 - The first English feminist

Statue Site: Newcastle (TBC)

Contact: Claudine Van Hensbergen,

Mary Clarke

Mary Clarke 1861 - 1910 - The first suffragette to die for the cause.

Statue Site: Brighton

Contact: Jean Calder, 07793608307,

Image copyright Andrew Hasson

The Matchgirls Memorial

The Matchgirls Strike - July 1888

Statue Site: East End of London

Contact: Sam Johnson - Chair, 07817205985,

Image courtesy of TUC Library Collections at London Metropolitan University

Sylvia Pankhurst

Sylvia Pankhurst - 1882 to 1960. Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial Committee

Statue Site: Clerkenwell Green, London

Contact: Megan Dobney,

Factory Girls

Honouring the shirt Factory Girls, working in the most challenging of times.

Statue Site: Harbour Square - re-development project, Derry

Contact: Clare Moore and Yvonne Norris,

Emily Williamson

Founder of the RSPB.

Statue Site: Didsbury, Manchester


Elsie Inglis

Creator of The Scottish Women's Hospitals which in World War One provided care for thousands of soldiers.

Statue Site: The Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Contact: Alison Collington,

Lady Rhondda

Welsh suffragette, business leader, editor, feminist activist and the first woman to try to take a seat in the House of Lords.

Statue Site: Newport, Gwent

Contact: Helen Molyneux,

Photo of maquette by Tamsin Stirling

Completed Campaigns

Mary Anning Rocks

Mary Anning - 1799 - 1847 - Palaeontological pioneer

Statue Site: Lyme Regis, Dorset

Contact: Anya Pearson,

Virginia Woolf

Iconoclastic novelist

Statue Site: Richmond-on-Thames


Elizabeth Elmy

Elizabeth Wolstenholme Elmy - 1833-1918. The brains of the suffragist movement.

Statue Site: Bridge Street, Congleton

Contact: Sue Munro,

Henrietta Lacks

Henriette Lacks - 1920-1951. The HeLa cells are an immortal cell line used in scientific research.

Statue Site: BRoyal Fort Gardens, University of Bristol


Betty Campbell

Betty Campbell - 1934 - 2017. Teacher & activist.

Statue Site: Cardiff, Wales

Contact: Helen Molyneux,

Elaine Morgan

Elaine Morgan - 2910 - 2013. Writer & evolutionary theorist.

Statue Site: Mountain Ash, Wales

Contact: Helen Molyneux,

Emmeline Pankhurst

Emmeline Pankhurst - 1858 – 1928

Statue Site: St Peter’s Square, Manchester

Contact: Andrew Simcock, 07710 844352,