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Smiling Virginia

April 24, 2018


A new campaign has been launched to commission, fund and erect a statue of Virginia Woolf in Richmond-on-Thames where she lived  from 1914 to 1924. This statue will be the first ever full figure life-size bronze depiction of Virginia Woolf. The target is £50,000. Perhaps this campaign could emulate the clever notion of having 2 statues cast from the original artwork, pioneered for the Amy Johnson statues in Hull and Herne Bay, and put the second casting of Virginia in Sussex where she lived so much of her life. 

The author Anne Sebba, says on her blog, "​Walking around London these days it’s hard not to be struck by the number of large, often life-sized bronzes in public places. In a selfie-obsessed generation, tourists can often be seen posing on the bench in Bond Street in between a rigid Churchill and Roosevelt. Yet a mere 3% of all statues in public places are of women. What a pathetically shocking statistic  ..... How can we expect children to grow up with a healthy view of diversity and range of careers open to them if all they see around them are images of successful men?"




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