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Stopping the Traffic in New York

April 21, 2018

The Times today ( 21.4.18 ) tells us that Fearless Girl is going to have to be moved from her defiant pose in front of the Raging Bull on Wall Street "because city planners fear that her many admirers are creating a traffic hazard..."

Maybe they could consider changing the traffic flow and keeping Fearless Girl where she is since she is so obviously striking a chord with uch a lot of people? Or perhaps it is the very fact of the strong resonance of this small statue that has lead to the decision to move her on? 


The stated aim of the work was to ecncourage the hiring of more women on corporate boards and one source says that over 150 women have been appointed since the arrival of Fearless Girl - whilst other commentators deride the idea that the artwork could have had any influence. 

The artist who created Raging Bull is said to be planning to sue over the placing of Fearless Girl opposite the bull because it makes it look " adversarial " .. but the casual observer may conclude that the raging bull ( the clue is in the name ) seems pretty adversarial all by itself.

The power of the civic statue - never to be underestimated.