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The Cracker Packers unveiled

March 20, 2018

Hazel Reeves' Cracker Packers are unveiled this month in Carlisle. The bronze statue celebrates the long history of women workers at the biscuit factory with two  women workers - one from past times and one from the modern day - dressed in their respective factory uniforms. 

It is all too easy to imagine that there is no funding for statues to women but this, and others recently erected, belies that idea.  This statue is privately funded, including a contribution from Pladis, the global biscuit and confectionery company plus £65,000 from Sainsbury’s (as part of their development of a Carlisle superstore) and £5,000 from author Hunter Davies, who has a keen interest ( he wrote a book about workers at the factory ) in the history of the McVitie’s site.