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This is What the Patriarchy Looks Like

Feb. 21, 2018

On the anniversary of the first great victory for women in the sugffrage movement it's interesting to see where the struggle for equlaity lies today.  The zeitgeist is with us as women, gradually shining a real light on the hidden depravities that have been excused and covered up for decades. Finally we are together calling the perpetrators out.

We still live in a male dominated society but now we are changing the rules by which we all play. It is important to leave a lasting testament to the better values that we choose to replace the nasty, underhand, dangerous and damaging behaviour of men, sanctioned by the patriarchy.

Civic statues have long been the quiet, persitent and influential image of male power, surrounding us in our cities, squares and town centres, silently reminding us just who it is that we should be "looking up" to. It's time for images of the other 50% of the population, representing positive values, to join this old guard, to echo the cry of our suffragettes sisters, it's time for more  PLINTHS FOR WOMEN!