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Alice Hawkins Honoured in Leicester

Feb. 2, 2018

How fitting that the statue of Alice Hawkins is to be erected in this centenary year of women's suffrage. The plinth for the statue is already in place in Leicester's new market square, behind the Corn Exchange and this Sunday - 4th February - the unveliing  will take place at an event starting at 2pm. 

Alice was an ardent suffragist and was sent to Holloway prison with 28 other women – including the sisters, Sylvia and Christabel Pankhurst.“It seems that Alice’s resolve hardened during her imprisonment because two months after leaving prison, she set up the first meeting of the Leicester branch of the Women’s Social and Political Union." says Dan Martin in the Leicester Mercury.

It's easy to foget the risks taken and the courage of the suffragists. They were as brave then as today's Iranian women ( see last post http://www.invisiblewomen.org.uk/gettingattention/post/59 ) who stand up in the streets and take off their headscarves as a protest.They too risk not only social disaprobation but time in prison, just like their suffragette sisters.

Details of all the events taking place across the UK to mark the centenary of women’s suffrage will be available at www.parliament.uk/vote100