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Wifie: Women in Focus in Edinburgh

May 10, 2016

As part of the Audacious Women Festival in Edinburgh, some new "statues" appeared around the city on International Women's Day 2016 of some of the Scots women who deserve celebrating.

Wifie, Women in Focus in Edinburgh, a women's photography collective, ran a photography workshop and produced life-size images to bring some of these historic and audacious women into the light, among them were Muriel Spark, renowned author and Mary Somerville, astronomer and mathematician; Scottish women with a great legacy.

Wifie ask the interesting question "Who has control over the imagery of women today and throughout history and how are women like ... Mary Somerville represented or remembered?

Edinburgh has more statues of animals than women - there are 2 statues of named women and one anonymous woman and child, compared with 5 dogs and one bear!

The Pankhursts

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