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Lost Daughters

Oct. 11, 2017


image fiaf.org

'Terracotta Daughters' examins the consequences of gender selection favouring boys, exemplified in China, brought about by the One Chid policy. Taking her inspiration from the famous Terracotta Army of Xi'an, Prune Nourry made 8 hybrid sculptures, combining the style of the Terracotta Soldiers and the portraits of 8 young Chinese girls. With the help of artisan-copyists from Xi'an, she then created an army of 108 unique combinations from the eight original molds. 
Following a World Tour (Shanghai, Paris, Zurich, New York and Mexico City), the Army was buried in a secret location in China, in a performance entitled "Earth Ceremony" held in October 2015. 

Musée Diego de Rivera Anahuacalli - Mexico. image ©Marisa Veléz.
In Objekt International Hans Fonk says her work is about "highlighting the crucial problems of our society, as exemplified by the implications of science in child gender selection and the consequences of the techniques of procreation which lead to an artificial evolution of the population". 

The challenge this work addresses is that without daughters there will be no women, without women there will be no human race. So what mad system will ultimately value boys above girls? The excavation of the Terracotta Daughters will take place in 2030, when, according to Chinese demographers, the male/female imbalance will have reached its peak.

In the shorter term, sales of the original scuptures fund the education of the orphan girls who were the models for the Terracotta daughters.

Terracotta Daughters By Prune Nourry - OBJEKT International


Terracotta Daughters | Prune Nourry


Prune Nourry: Terracotta Daughters | Crossing the Line 2014