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Queen's Queer Act?

Aug. 14, 2017

A flight of fantasy. Could she be a queer icon?

Statues of Queen Victoria are omnipresent and it is interesting to speculate why that is. Of course, she reigned for 60 years..but maybe because there were barely any statues of women the patriarchy encouraged lots of the Queen in order to make it appear that some kind of gender equity was being practiced? Seeing the statue erected to Queen Victoria by the women of Bath it also possible to imagine ( somewhat wildly? ) that their "love and loyaly"


might just conceivably not simply be the blind allegiance of well-to-do women to the monarchy but might have been the clandestine act of a group of lesbian women, out of gratitude for the Queen's alleged cunning protection of lesbians from the force of the law by leaving them out of the Criminal Law Amendment Act 1885 that criminalised gay men's sexual relationships. More likely of course, that, as suggested in the article in The Scotsman, the male establishment avoided legislating on lesbianism, for fear of drawing women's attention to its existence.... not imagining, in that paternalistic, Victorian male way that women may just have got there without any prompting from men. The article also says that the myth of her taking lesbian acts out of the legislation started in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1977, because a demonstration for lesbian equality centred on a statue of Victoria. 

Read more at: http://www.scotsman.com/news/background-myth-of-victoria-and-ban-on-homosexuality-1-1499082