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Art UK's New Nationwide Database

July 13, 2017

Art UK have secured funding for a 3 year, nationwide survey of Britain's public sculpture heritage. This is a real testament to the deep and lasting significance of the civic statue. Katey Goodwin, Deputy Director of Art UK, believes that public art is a vital part of our environmant and its benefits go much deeper than than just something interesting or beautiful to look at. "The fact that public art can be rooted in local identity or history gives a sense of interest or ownership, increasing feelings of well being"

. image from Gatehead Council's website

She quotes a study by Durham University which looked at the Angel of the North and found that 72% of respondents said the sculpture made them feel good whenever they saw it and 64% said it made them feel proud of Gateshead. This same response is, of course, true for the sense of affirmation found in seeing people of one's own gender recognised for their achievements and the lack of women represented in public art is a real loss to us all.

Imagine how it would feel if the Angel of the North was a woman.

Art UK are looking for volunteer photographers. Details will be on their website artuk.org.

Source: Watrose Weekend newspaper