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Result for the WIFIES in Edinburgh..

May 1, 2017

The i newspaper reports ( 14.4.17 ) that the good people of Edinburgh are, it seems, tiring of the idea that they have more statues of animals than of women and moves are afoot to erect a statue of a woman. There is a campaign launched by the Edinburgh Evening News and supported by Nicola Sturgeon and other political leaders. They have plenty of brilliant female daughters of the city to choose from; Marie Stopes, Muriel Spark and JK Rowling..... to name but a few. Any one of which surely has more claim to recognition than a faithful terrier or a beer drinking bear from the zoo? 

One wonders if this campaign would have existed without the clever, creative input of the WIFIES last year during Edinburgh's famous, feisty Audacious Women Festival?


Audacious Womens Festival


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