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Meanwhile, in Bulgaria.....

March 29, 2017


This March in Bulgaria's capital Sofia, an artist called Erka, working with the arts organisation Fine Acts http://fineacts.co/about has made a dynamic protest about the complete lack of any civic monuments to women. There are none at all. She has placed "everywoman" busts on plinths around the city to help wake up the consciousness of the public. http://This artist is filling Bulgaria's capital with statues of ... metro.co.uk   › Arts   › Art.

There has been an interesting reaction to this bold initiative from Jonathan Jones' blog in the Guardian http://Feminism doesn't need more female statues – it needs political action Jonathan Jones where he tells us that there's no point in putting up statues of women, what's needed is political action - as if the two were mutually exclusive - and ignoring the fact that this initiative is a political action. 

Jonathan says "Campaigners who think Britain, too, needs more statues of women may be surprised by my insistence that there are plenty." 'Plenty' is an interesting way to describe a paltry 15%. Maybe that's an easy opinion to hold when you are part of the gender represented by 85% of the UK's civic statues instead of the 15% that have to get by with endless images of Queen Victoria and nameless, naked frolicking nyphs to look up to as 'role models' sanctioned by the society that you are part of.


Photos : Mihail Novakov