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You Can Influence the future in Edinburgh

March 27, 2017

Edinburgh Napier University will be holding their degree shows in May, including one by Rebecca Morrice who is currently conducting research into the relationship between heritage and women in Edinburgh.The aim of Rebecca's research is to develop a variety of platforms that reveal the city's historic places, events and historical female characters through participatory and interpretation design, highlighting the areas of significant inequality for women's heritage.The project seeks to represent what is evidently an underdeveloped area of the city's community heritage; that is to say, there are currently more statues of animals than of women in the city! And there is no shortage of suitable candidates, proven by the dynamic interventions by the WIFIES ( Women in Focus in Edinburgh )  http://www.wifie.org.uk  with their pop-up, cut out statues of Muriel Spark, Mary Somerville and others, strategically placed around the city for Women's Day, in March 2016. For more information about the value placed, or rather, not placed, on women's contributions to society see Scotland's feminist organisation, Engender. http://www.engender.org.uk
Rebecca's degree show will be viewed by Historic Environment Scotland, www.historicenvironment.scot who want to see the outcome and public reaction - and if it proves significant they may then be open to working on some changes to their policies on heritage.The exhibition is due to open on 18th May, www.napier.ac.uk so do go and visit, leave your comments and influence the future representation of women.