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Challenge the Five Percent!

2 Aug 2022

And what is the 5% that needs to be challenged? It's the percentage of civic statues in this country that portray women - real women, not mythological or made-up figures - real women who contributed to our society. Even with the exceptional increases in women honoured with a civic statue that we have seen in the last 5 years it's still only a paltry 5% to represent 50 % of the population! Just look at this lovely project to put a bronze sculpture in the heart of Nottingham, depicting the stories of women working in Midlands' textile mills and those enslaved working in cotton fields in America and the Caribbean. Such a sisterly combination of images of women, historically oppressed and exploited . The work is by sculptor Rachel Carter and she is inviting us all to "Challenge the 5%" by making a selfie with hashtag Challenge the 5% and posting it on social media. More information is available on her site - link below.