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Welcome Back, Mary Anning

24 May 2022


'Mary Anning: mother of dragons, breaker of rocks, Lyme Regis-born paleo pioneer'                                                                                                           

From this small maquette made by sculptor by Denise Dutton and displayed in Lyme Regis during the fundraising campaign 'Mary Anning Rocks', the real statue has been now sculpted, cast in bronze and unveiled by Prof Alice Roberts, cheered on by the crowds. Denise's work on this figure has been featured on Art UK's site - see link below.


Prof Roberts said: "Mary Anning - welcome back to Lyme Regis." She added: "It makes Mary Anning visible as a role model for any woman wanting to get into science. This is her place, where she was from and where she made all her discoveries. But she also represents the change we need in our society - we need to push further and bring more people into science" 

The statue will also help to correct the historical record. Many of Mary's fossil finds were bought by wealthy men and displayed as their own. These false claims are gradually being corrected and the real value of her work properly recognised. As with so much of the work of women - especially poor working class women - her role had been rendered invisible for decades by men who had wealth but did not have her capacity for hard work or her intelligent enquiring mind.