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Aberdeen's Invisible Women

6 Apr 2022

Photo: Paul Glendell

Professor Sarah Pedersen is seen here with the mural of famous Aberdeen women in St Nicholas Lane, Aberdeen. But walking around the city, you see no statues of any of these women, despite their achievements.  You can, however, see statues of William Wallace, Edward VII, Robert Burns, General Gordon, Prince Albert and Robert the Bruce, as well as the new statues of Denis Law and Alex Ferguson . Of course, there are the obligatory (2) statues of Queen Victoria, but no real non-royal women. Professor Pedersen argues that the collective representation of women's achievements, such as in the mural, is preferable to the lone statue because it reflects the way in which women work together to achieve thier aims, such as Dundee’s Jute Women, Stornoway’s Herring Girls, and the striking memorial to the Women’s Land Army at Clochan, so whereas men are so frequently displayed in isolation on a tall plinth, the accessible group reflects collective strength and community engagement.  

Photo: Jason Hedges.

Above: The memorial to the Land Girls at Clochan, near Fochabers and Mary Barbour with 'Mrs Barbour's Army'