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Tackling Inequality

6 Mar 2022

The days when women had to fight not to be assessed like cattle in the so called 'beauty' pagents of the sixties are a thing of the past if Brighton's Rugby playing Queen Danielle Evans is anything to go by.  “Pageantry is evolving and becoming more diverse. I am not stick thin, I am a plus sized, curvy woman, and for me it is a real honour to represent the city I love so dearly. Brighton is so unique and is known for its inclusivity and diversity and I stand by that ethos.”

She is proud to have achieved two degrees and started playing rugby when she studied fashion photography at University.  Always a fighter because she was born prematurely at only 26 weeks. She was given just a five per cent chance of survival. She joined us in support of the Mary Clarke statue campaign on International Womens Day in Brighton, straight after a taster combat session, ready to take on inequality too.