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Fair Play for Women?

20 Feb 2022

To help push for greater representation of women in London, and "inspire the next generation of changemakers",  Adidas has unveiled eight statues of women who are breaking boundaries in the world of sport, fashion, and culture;

  • Vivianne Miedema (Arsenal footballer)
  • Eniola Aluko (footballer and commentator)
  • Francesca Brown (footballer and CEO of Goals4Girls)
  • Ellie Goldstein (dancer and model)
  • Emily Scarratt (rugby player)
  • Tanya Compas (youth worker and LGBTQ+ activist)
  • Asma Elbadawi (basketballer, poet and activist)
  • Sherrie Silver (dancer, choreographer, and U.N. advocate)


The statues are also being used to promote the company's bras, which is an unusual motive for erecting a statue. Have we ever seen, or even imagined, statues of a man used to promote, for example, underpants? 

However, in a push for greater equality and an increase in representation of women in London and in sport, Adidas has created these eight colourful 3D printed statues celebrating females to help create a better, more equal future for women. The system uses a product made entirely from sustainably recycled marine farmed waste plastics.

English Heritage has previously admitted that representation of women in the city could be much better, and is encouraging public proposals for more blue plaques for female figures.

The Adidas statues will remain on the South Bank for around two weeks (from 18 February 2022 ), before moving on to take up longer-term placements elsewhere in the UK.