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A Start, Not a Finish

18 Feb 2022

Sharelle McMahon, the Australian netball great, has hailed her impending immortalisation in bronze in the heart of Melbourne’s sporting precinct as important recognition for female athletes. She will be the fifth female athlete with a statue in Victoria, when there are 29 existing statues of male athletes in the state, as well as three of racehorses. This statue is to be erected under the Victorian government’s Celebrating Female Sporting Icons initiative and the Statues for Equality project – a global movement working to balance gender and racial representation in public statues.

“It’s a hugely important thing for female athletes to be recognised in many different ways and this is a great way to do it,” McMahon said. “I was really shocked when I heard the numbers and what that lack of balance was between the genders. Her statue will be erected outside John Cain Arena, facing Olympic Boulevard. “This stadium for me holds so many amazing memories,” she said. “For fans to be walking past a statue of me is still a bit unbelievable....I do believe it’s about more than just me. It’s a ... celebration of our sport and the amazing people that have had such a great influence in many different ways. It's just a start, not a finish."