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Mary Anning in her Element

23 Nov 2021

The statue, due to be unveiled on 21 May 2022 on Anning's 222nd birthday, was originally intended to be installed next to the Marine Theatre in Lyme Regis, but opposition caused a re-think and campaigner and Charity trustee Anya Pearson - who helped daughter Evie Swire launch the campaign - said the new location was "far superior" as it "sets Mary well and truly in the landscape where she worked". They say that 

"We just have a period of consultation to go through where everyone can have their say.

This is where they would like you to help them out.

Tell Dorset Council why you think the statue of Mary Anning should be granted planning permission. Every comment from far and wide is so helpful.

The reference number is
P/FUL/2021/04897 so you can go in and follow the consultation comments.

And if you click
here it will take you to the page.


They have now given artist Denise Dutton the go-ahead to begin work on the full-size sculpture. Anya said the charity has had to start the process already because "If we didn't allow Denise to start, we would never hit our unveil date of 21st May 2022 so, although we don't have planning consent just yet, we felt it was the right thing to do."