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Pioneers in Care, Kindness and Leadership.

16 Nov 2021

Mary Seacole Trust

St George’s Hall Charitable Trust in Liverpool is on a mission to install a statue of health pioneer, Mary Jane Seacole (1805-1881). Mary was voted the greatest black Briton in 2004. They believe that her outstanding achievements, as an influential black woman, a nurse, businesswoman and healer, deserve an enduring testament to our respect and recognition. She has been honoured by a statue outside St Thomas' Hospital in London. The Trust says  "Her exceptional promotion of innovative health and medicine should be celebrated and perpetuated in Liverpool by raising a statue in her honour in St George’s Hall, as a continuing and constant reminder of her place in our nation’s history." Liverpool has already erected a fine statue of Kitty Wilkinson in 2012, known as " The Saint of the Slums" a pioneer in public health during a chloera epidemic in 1832.

Photo Clare Bates

The story of her promotion of new hygiene methods against disease has since been recognised by hundreds of thousands of in-person and online visitors to the Great Hall. The Trust say that the historic bravery of women like Kitty Wilkinson and Mary Seacole – their care, their kindness, and their leadership – stand as markers of what is best in our society, and that continues today in the dedication and fearlessness of our NHS and health care workers.