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Britain to Celebrate more Great Women

Jan. 10, 2017

In the Guardian this week  Helen Pidd, the North of England editor, writes that Suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst, MP Ellen Wilkinson and comic Victoria Wood are to be clebratated with public monuments.

"It has long been a sad truth that for a woman to be immortalised as a civic statue in the UK, she must either be a monarch – preferably Queen Victoria – or a naked nymph frolicking in a fountain. The male domination of public monuments may slowly be eroding, however, with three pioneering women to be celebrated in statue form in the next few years".

It is so good to hear that women are finally being given the recognition thay have deserved, but been denied for decades. This very, very slow recognition of women who have smashed glass ceilings, escaped from the hobbling effects of patriarchal attitudes and acheived despite the odds being stacked so heavilty against them, seems so dog in the manger. One wonders what the obstacles reallly are? Anybody would think there is a fear  of acknowledging what women actually contribute to society.