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Women Through the Ages

April 7, 2021

Sculptor Christine Charlesworth, at work on the statues of Greta Thunberg, recently erected in Winchester, and Dame Ethel Smythe, to be eretced in Woking. Dame Ethel was another formidable campaigner from an earlier era, a remarkable woman from Woking who was a composer and writer as well as suffragist. Christine is also sculpting  Emily Wilding Davidson for Epsom, where she was killed running out in front of the King's horse at the Derby, in her pursuit of the cause of votes for women."Emily Davison will be in the centre of Epsom on 8 June"

These courageous historial women are finally being recognised for their unstinting efforts to improve the world, to give women - 50% of the population - the vote. And Greta is being recognised for her work to save the world for us to vote in.