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Mother of Medicine

March 13, 2021

A statue is planned for the univesity campus in Bristol of Henrietta Lacks, dubbed the 'mother of medicine'. She died from cervical cancer in 1951 but a sample of her cells survived and multiplied. The scientific work these cells enabled led to the polio vaccine, gene mapping and IVF treatment among other advances. Henrietta's cells are also currently being used in Covid-19 research. â€¯Prof Tavare, the dean of the faculty of life sciences, said the unveiling of the statue on campus in October would coincide with the start of the university's work on "the decolonisation of our curriculum which will include an acknowledgement of the invaluable contributions black people have made to science over the years".

Sculptor Helen Wilson-Roe

And her statue will be made by Helen Wilson-Roe, so this will be the first full size statue of a black woman sculpted by a black women in the UK. Great that Bristol has been able to find such a worthy woman of colour to celebrate, in contrast to the sad saga of Colston, the slave trader.