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Monuments and Memory

March 9, 2021

Dr Sarah Younan and artist Dr Wanda Zyborska explore memory and memorialisation, monuments and why we have themin a free talk, "Monuments as Memory and Whose Memories of What? part of Oriel Myrddin Gallery’s project Hoelion Wyth Cymdeithas // Pillars of Society funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund’s #15minuteheritage.

This seems like a very timely discussion of the topic, in which Dr Sarah Younan and artist Dr Wanda Zyborska will explore memory and memorialisation, monuments and why we have them, considering recent protests in America and here in the UK. Wanda will talk about the annual collaborative protest she has been performing since 2012, the H M Stanley Funeral Condom Re-Veiling.
There will be a chance to discuss some of the themes raised in small groups after the talks.
Dr Sarah Younan - Questioning the Role of Monuments as Memory
Statues are a dated form of memorialisation; Sarah will explore and question old and new ways of remembering in public spaces.
Sarah works as youth engagement coordinator at Amgueddfa Cymru and is particularly interested in socially engaged projects in art and heritage. Born in Germany and raised in Kenya Sarah moved to Wales in 2009 and completed her PhD at Cardiff School of Art and Design in January 2016. As an artist Sarah has exhibited work both in the UK and abroad and her practice spans performance, ceramics, digital technologies, research and maintenance art.