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Elizabeth's Next steps

Feb. 7, 2021

The campaign's latest newsletter announced that fantastic sculptor Hazel Reeves has agreed to create the statue of Elizabeth. Hazel sculpted the famous bronze Emmeline Pankhurst statue in Manchester and also The Cracker Packers in Carlisle and is an admirer of Elizabeth Elmy and her work. 

Hazel said, “I am absolutely thrilled to be sculpting Elizabeth, such an extraordinary activist who had been written out of history until Elizabeth’s Group was compelled to tell her story in bronze.” 

Chair of Elizabeth’s Group, Susan Munro said: “I was literally moved to tears when I got the news that Hazel Reeves is onboard with us. Her passion for Elizabeth and her enthusiasm for the project made me realise that this is it, this is going to happen! This is the best possible outcome for us. Now it’s down to sheer hard work to finish the job.” 

They are planning to unveil the statue on International Women’s Day next year – 8th March, 2022.