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Mary Anning Really Rocks!

Feb. 7, 2021

At a time when you might imagine any fundraising effort would be, understandably, very hard pressed, we see that Mary Anning really does rock! Their campaign, launched last November has raised £100,000, hitting the target to enable them to build Mary’s statue. The group has had the support of Sir David Attenborough and Professor Alice Roberts and donations from everyday people giving their hard-earned cash to something truly inspirational. 

They now want to go after a further £50,000 to allow them to set up the Mary Anning Rocks Learning Legacy, that will live on after the statue is raised. The educational program will include free learning materials and funded fossils walks for children from under-served backgrounds, enabling the next generation of Earth Scientists to get out on the beaches to find fossils just like Mary did when she was a child over 200 years ago.