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Statues in the News

Jan. 23, 2021

Another statue campaign in the news; Mary Clarke in Brighton has been featured in both The Times by Lucy Bannerman, 

" Pankhurst’s loyal younger sister escaped an abusive marriage to become an organiser in the fight for votes for women, winning praise for her “pluck” and courage. Every afternoon, between 3pm and 5pm, she would give speeches on the Brighton seafront before crowds of hundreds, dealing calmly with hecklers who hurled rotten apples and facing down mobs who threatened to “throw her off a cliff”.

The campaign was also featured in the local newspaper, The Argus Women are under-represented | The Argus

 "Mary Clarke is such a worthy person to be the first to represent the powerful suffrage movement here in Brighton. These women fought so we could vote - imagine if they had not - and Mary died in that fight "