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Mary Anning in Positive News

Jan. 23, 2021


A statue of fossil hunter Mary Anning is to be erected in UKImage: BJ Donne/Creative Commons

Fossil hunter Mary Anning to get a statue

For those of you not yet familiar with Positive News may I recommend it as a great antidote to the current difficult times. The latest issue featured the Mary Anning statue campaign amongst thier various cheering stories. Mary Anning, "a fossil hunter and palaeontologist who has been all but forgotten by history, is to be commemorated by a statue. It follows a crowdfunding campaign established by a teenage girl who hails from the same town. Evie Swire, 13, of Lyme Regis, Dorset, was disappointed to learn that in spite of Anning’s contribution to palaeontology, there was no statue to celebrate her." The article also gives details of Anning's life and achievements.

 Swire launched a crowdfunder which has raised £70,000 to commission a sculptor. A statue of Anning will now be erected in Lyme Regis on 21 May 2022, the 223rd anniversary of her birth.