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The Next Step

Jan. 18, 2021

 In Brighton, despite the pandemic, sculptor Denise Dutton delivered the much anticipated bronze maquette of Mary Clarke, the first suffragette to die for women’s right to vote, in time for Mary’s birthday on 12th December.
Image Andrew Hasson

The Mayor, Cllr Alan Robins, who has shown unstinting support for the campaign, received it on behalf of the Appeal and the people of Brighton & Hove. The maquette represents Mary released from prison, in Brighton, a day or two before her death, wearing a suffragette sash and carrying copies of 'Votes for Women', the suffragette newspaper. The front page depicts the events of ‘Black Friday’, when, shortly before she was arrested and imprisoned, she and hundreds of other women were assaulted by police. Mary wears the Hunger Strikers’ medal and walks over the implements used in forcible feeding, which are imbedded in the surface of the plinth. She gestures towards a lamp at her feet which she has placed there for others to pick up. This refers to the words of Isabella McKeown spoken after Mary’s death

“Her they must not mourn in silence. They must take the torch from her and light the darkness...”.