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Victorian Page 3 Girl.

Aug. 12, 2020

This memorial is yet another llustration of the attitudes to women and men in civic statues. Sir Arthur Sullivan, composer, is memorialised on Victoria Embankment Gardens in London. He appears, formally dressed in a bust on a plinth with a woman, naked except for some drapery, leaning against the pedestal, crying, described as his muse. 

The Londonist says  "Ever been so mournful that most of your clothes fall off? Such is the distress of the muse who weeps at the bust of Arthur Sullivan in Embankment Gardens. The woman's naked form — cheeky glint of bum crack and all — is out of whack with the suited, straight-laced bust of he whose operas enjoyed wild success at the nearby Savoy Theatre. The girl is supposed to represent music ... But though memorial aficionados London Remembers insist she "isn't just a sexy, topless Art Nouveau floozy," they also admit this is often considered the sexiest statue in London.

So, not so much a memorial to a musician, more an early version of a Page 3 Girl.