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Everywoman Comes to London

Aug. 3, 2020

 Three views of "Reaching Out" by Thomas J Price                                                              Sculptor Thomas J Price offers this representaion of an "Everywoman" which is to be erected on 5 August on Three Mills Green in Stratford. He says he chose not to represent a named person so as to portray human empathy with the unrepresented. This statue, a 9ft bronze, will take its place as part of the public art walk called The Line, which is London’s first official and permanent public art walk; a trail of sculptures running along three miles of waterways, following the path of the Greenwich meridian between Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and The O2.  It  is welcome addition to only 3 full size representations of black women in the UK, all sited in London: Mary Seacole outside St Thomas Hospital, 


Dame Kelly Holmes in Portman Square  

and 'Bronze Woman' in Stockwell Memorial Garden.

This new statue is strikingly similar to another of Price's statues installed on The Line, of a young black man,  entitled "Network".

 'Network' by Thomas J Price

An interesting distinction in titles; a woman is 'reaching out' and a man is 'networking'?  Perhaps still a rather stereotyped view of the roles and preoccupations of women and men?