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National Treasure

June 23, 2020

Dame Vera Lynn, who died this month aged 103 has been dubbed “an amazing lady and a national treasure... who can cross the generations and make us all smile at a time of crisis.” Conservative MP Maria Caulfield, who represents Lewes in Sussex where Dame Vera’s home was when she died, said: “Definitely I would support erecting a statue to her". 

After weeks where activists have been trying to pull down pull down statues that personify some of the worst traits in human endeavour, it seems that Dame Vera's legacy is one of comfort and joy. The proposal for a monument has united many people in the country with wide support for it on social media. Former Conservative minister Sir John Hayes also added his voice to the growing calls. “She fully deserves to have a statue erected in her honour and it should be in the heart of London to remind us what a person of high calibre she was.”

Her daughter said a memorial would be "absolutely fantastic," adding that she "did so much and continues to do so much for people, and children and charities". Dover MP Natalie Elphicke said the white cliffs of Dover would be the "perfect place" for a memorial to "recognise Dame Vera's immense contribution".

This proposed statue to Dame Vera would be one that accentuates the positive legacy a person can leave. This is  something it would have in common with virtually every other statue of a women in this country