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Deeds Not Words

June 9, 2020

In Oxford thousands of people have gathered outside Oriel College to demand the removal of a statue of imperialist Cecil Rhodes, a 19th Century businessman and politician in southern Africa, who stood for white supremacy and is steeped in colonialism and racism. Twenty-six Oxford city councillors have asked Oxford University to "decolonise" in a letter saying the figure at Oriel College was "incompatible" with the city's "commitment to anti-racism". The College said it  "abhors racism and discrimination in all its forms". The removal of this statue has been repeatedly requested over the years, as was the case for the Colston statue in Bristol. Let us hope the authorites in Oxford realise that time is up on preserving symbols of oppression and displaying them for students to 'look up to'. This would be the perfect time to canvas students and residents about who they would like to see in a statue. The authorities need only glance at the 'Waiitng List' on this site for inspitration as to who might replace Rhodes. If anti -racism is truly a committment then what is called for now is 'Deeds not Words'.