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Women and Children First

May 26, 2020

Olga, Greta and Malalia.


These are the girls, just children, who have each exhibited exceptional foresightedness, courage and civic responsibility.  Each has persisted in the face of seemingly insurmountable opposition. They have put some of the world's male leaders to shame. They are the reason that it is important to erect civic statues of women; to remind us all that any woman can make a difference in this world. 


The countries with female leaders have been doing better in this year of pandemic. But they are in the minority when it comes to those in positions of power. Just imagine how it might be if there were real equaility in those positions, perhaps we would all be doing rather better. This question of inequality in leadership is one of the reasons that we need more PLINTHS FOR WOMEN. There ia a quiet persistent power in a civic statue that sends a message both now and into the time to come. Let's have more commemoration of the great women of the past to inspire more great women in the future.

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