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Want to Edit Wikipedia ?

March 10, 2020

Art UK - the online home of every sculpture in the UK -  has concluded that editing Wikipedia should have more female input. To help women gain access and skills they are running events to increase women's online visibility.

In a recent survey, it was estimated that only 17.3% of Wikipedia biographies are about women, out of 1.5 million biographies. The Wikimedia Foundation also revealed in a 2011 survey that less than 10% of Wikipedia contributors identify as women. This lack of inclusive participation has led to an alarming gap of content in the world's most popular online research tool.

As part of Art UK's sculpture project, they will be co-hosting a series of events to increase the online visibility of women sculptors whose work can be found in UK collections. By hosting Wikipedia Edit-a-thons, they aim to teach individuals how to become beginner Wikipedians and fight the content gender gap.Two upcoming events focusing on women sculptors include:

Wikipedia Edit-a-thon, University of Glasgow Library, Glasgow, Monday 30th September 2019

Wikipedia Edit-a-thon, Paul Mellon Centre, London, Saturday 5th October 2019