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The Quiet Martyr to be Honoured

Nov. 25, 2019

Mary Clark, suffragette sister of Emmeline Pankhurst underwent great hardship to secure votes for women: imprisonment and brutal force feeding as well as rough manhandling at protest marches. As a result of all these aggressions she died on Christmas Day 1910, the first woman to die for the suffrage movement. She is now, finally, more than 100 years after her death, to be honoured by a statue in Brighton where she tirelessly organised, attended and spoke at meetings and rallies.

It has just been announced that the sculptor will be Denise Dutton, whose work includes both Annie Kenney in Oldham

Annie Kenney in Oldham by Denise Dutton

and the Land Girls and Lumber Jills at the Arboretum in Staffordshire.

Land Girls & Lumber Jills in Staffordshire, by Denise Dutton

The campaign, lead by Jean Calder in Brighton, now has its own website - maryclarkestatue.com - and donations, for what will doubtless be another beautiful statue by Denise Dutton, can be given via the 'localgiving' site.

Jean Calder, Campaign Leader, Terri Bell-Halliwell, inVISIBLEwomen and Denise Dutton, Sculptor
It is a pleaseure to see this campaign, with both  popular and all party support, in my own city. Brighton has various named men honoured in statues but apart from the ubiquitous Queen Victoria ( twice! ) no named women. Mary Clarke is a most worthy choice for our first women.