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A Role Model that Rocks!

Nov. 12, 2019

Evie Swire, 11 years old, is the inspiration for the 'Mary Anning Rocks' campaign. She is interested in space. She knows she will have to work hard at her STEM subjects and statisticaly girls do well in these subjects at school but when it comes to going on to university and careers in engineering, technology and computer sciences there is a huge decline: girls do not take up these careers. Which begs the question; what role models do they have?

Evie lives in Dorset and in the whole of the Southwest of England - Dorset, Devon, and Cornwall - apart from the stunning new Messenger statue in Plymouth, there is only one example of a statue of a woman who has achieved: a bust to Agatha Christie in Torquay.

The Mary Anning site quotes Marion Wright Edelman, the American rights activist, who said " You cannot be what you cannot see" and it was Evie who asked her mum "Why is there no statue of Mary Anning?" If we do not provide children with images of the women who have been written out of history - as Mary Anning has been consistently written out over the years - then what futures can we expect them to be able to dream of?  So, what better way to inspire future generations in STEM subjects than to celebrate the remarkable achievements of this pioneering paleontologist, from a poor working class background who made stunning discoveries that helped change the way we think about the evolution of life on this planet.