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Elizabeth - Indomitable Woman.

Oct. 9, 2019

Elizabeth Wolstenholme Elmy worked tirelessly for girls’ education, for women’s right to own property and for their right to vote. She believed in lobbying, took part in marches, gave speeches, and created over 1600 petitions nad wrote 7000 letters. This indomitable woman lived in Congleton in Cheshire and was dubbed, by no less than Emmeline Pankhurst, as ‘the brains of the suffragist movement’. Elizabeth is one of the key activists listed on the Millicent Fawcett statue in Parliament Square in London.

Elizabeth's Group is raising awareness of Elizabeth Wolstenholme Elmy, fundraising for a statue of her in Congleton, where she lived fo over 54 years. Without the efforts of groups like this how will we and coming generations have any idea about the sheer resourcefulness, intelligence and persistence that women have deployed over the generations? Without fitting tributes to these pioneers we are diminished by thier absence from our common historic record. They may be present in ( some ) history books - but these are open only to those who can pursue the accademic life - whereas a tribute on our streets gives everyone access to their image and their importance to us as role models. Comemorating women of the past serves to inspire women of the future.