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Middlesbrough's Eighth Plinth

July 22, 2016

Middlesbrough Hidden Women, a previous project by Campaigner Emma Chesworth

On International Women's Day 2016 a campaign was launched in Middlesbrough to secure a female statue in the town.There are seven statues in Middlesbrough - all men - and the Middlesbrough Statue Campaign aims to address this lack of representation of women with an Eighth Plinth for one of the women who have made great contributions to the life of the town.

There is a list of six remarkable yet unsung women from all walks of life, including politics, suffrage, health and art, which will be put to a public vote to find who will be commemorated with a statue. This will be paid for by a fundraising campaign with no funding from the public purse.

Campaign co-ordinator Emma Chesworth said: "A statue is a very visible and powerful symbol ....There are many remarkable women who lived and do live in Middlesbrough ....All too often, women are erased from history and their achievements never known or given the recognition they deserve."


Source: Middlesborough Council site.

For more information - http://eighthplinth.com