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Getting the Message?

March 29, 2019

Image: Ben Birchall/PA

This is  Messenger, a giant bronze sculpture depicting a female actor and the largest bronze sculpture created in the UK using the ancient process of lost-wax casting. Even before it had been craned into place outside the Theatre Royal Plymouth it was attracting a mixture of praise, anger and ribaldry. Perhaps this is because it is the largest statue of a woman in the country and constitutes a challenge to preconceptions about women by not sticking to the usual approach to the female figure which tends to be far more restrained, more "ladylike"? 

The sculptor, Hillier, said he felt it was important the sculpture was of a woman, to counter the many male statues that dominate in Plymouth and other cities – something the #MeToo movement has made all the more relevant. “To represent a woman at this scale and in public space has turned out to be a more revolutionary proposition than I had first considered it … at a moment in our history when female actors have transformed the consensus in western society, about the position of women professionally and generally.” 

Adrian Vinken, the chief executive of the theatre said “A major piece of public art can transform the world’s perception of what a place is like. It makes a statement about a city – it’s ambitious, it’s contemporary and it’s forward-looking.”