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The 'Saint of the Slums' Honoured

Dec. 7, 2018

A marble statue was unveiled in Liverpool in September, in memory of Kitty Wilkinson, known as the saint of the slums. Hers will be the only female statue in St George's Hall and will join 12 statues surrounding the Great Hall depicting Victorian and Edwardian men.


Kitty cared for the sick during the cholera outbreak in 1832, turning her own home into a wash house, allowing neighbours to wash and disinfect their bedding in her kitchen. She taught that cleanliness was a weapon against disease. After the epidemic she became superintendent of the Public Baths and Wash House in Frederick Street, established by the city council in 1842.

London-based sculptor Simon Smith made the statue from Italian marble, and took two years to create at a cost of £100,000.