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83% Want Virginia in Richmond

Dec. 7, 2018

A campaign for the first life-size bronze statue of the writer Virginia Woolf has been given full planning permission by Richmond Council, after 83% of Richmond residents who responded to a public consultation backed the sculpture. Aurora Metro, the arts and education charity behind the project, believes that a full-size statue of the writer is long overdue. “As James Joyce, the other leading Modernist writer has long had a full-size statue in Dublin, it’s time that we honoured Virginia Woolf’s contribution not only to English literature but also to the on-going debate concerning female equality.” says Cheryl Robson, director of the charity.

In the year that the Suffragist, Millicent Fawcett, was commemorated with a statue in Parliament Square in London and 100 years since some women were first given the vote, the call for more women to be honoured in sculpture form is louder than ever

Now that full planning permission has been granted, Aurora Metro needs to raise the required £50,000 for the statue to become a reality. The charity has a fundraising page, as well as a campaign video here. You can follow the progress on Facebook at @VirginiaWoolfStatue and Twitter at @VWoolfStatue and join people like Neil Gaiman in lending your support to the campaign.