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Workers United.

Dec. 7, 2018

A statue paying tribute to Scunthorpe steelworkers was unveiled in the centre of the town in November this year.

The sculpture signifies the importance of the steelworkers to the town’s growth and the roles that women played in the works, especially during the wartime period. The artwork, by sculptor Ray Lonsdale, depicts a man and a woman returning home with a bicycle after a shift in the town's steelworks during the 1940s. Volunteers in North Lincolnshire spent seven years raising £48,00 towards the cost of constructing the two life-sized figures on top of a plinth

The former mayor of Scunthorpe, Jim Pearson, 70, who is also a retired steelworker and chairman of Scunthorpe Steeltown Team,  said: "We need something to represent all the former steelworkers and show some kind of recognition to current workers."