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25 Fabulous Women

Dec. 3, 2018

Between June-July 2018 the put her forward team travelled England asking the public to nominate women they found inspirational.Here are just 3 of the 25. See them all at http://putherforward.com/the-women/.

Dr Leyla Hussein Leyla is a psychotherapist and self-defined ‘accidental campaigner’ who has provided support for survivors of FemaleGenital Mutilation (FGM) for over 15 years

Jean Bishop Now on display at AGE UK Hull.  Jean, known affectionately as “The Bee Lady”, has been volunteering for Age UK Hull for more than 30 years dressed in her bee costume.

Phyllis Opoku-GyimahUnveiled Friday 14th September at 4pm at Historic England's Immortalised Exhibition at the Workshop in London Phyllis, also known as Lady Phyll, is the powerhouse behind UK Black Pride and has been one of the most visible lesbian women of colour in the UK.

Hundreds of nominations were gathered through workshops, online nominations and live interviews, and from these 25 were selected to be 3D scanned and printed into small statues. These small statues seem like the perfect maquettes for full-size civic statues to be seen out on the streets, where we can all be inspired by the work of these wonderful women.